Aspiring to a positive Mum / Life balance! | Sara Sheedy
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Aspiring to a positive Mum / Life balance!

Mum Life balance 3

Aspiring to a positive Mum / Life balance!

The Wheel Of LifeWas your life feeling off balance during of 2016?

Did you have trouble trying to focus and stay on track?

Do you feel like your exhausted at the end of every day, paddling away and not actually making any progress?

Are you frustrated and impatient with your partner and kiddies?

WELL! It’s a New Year and now is the best time to re-set (one of my favourite words!) As I reflect on the whirlwind of what was 2016, my mind is running 100 miles an hour. I think about things such as ‘when did Miss 4 become so inquisitive and develop so much attitude?’ at the same time as I’m telling myself to ‘calm down and breathe’. It’s during moment like this, where I make a mental note to revisit my synergy model. I need to figure out what’s mis-aligned.


Everyone needs to create their own synergy model – here is mine:










As each on these circles grows smaller or larger, we become off balance. When this happens, it’s time to check yourself in and work on balancing the circles back to even.

To achieve this, I usually book in more ‘me-time’. I need time to re-energise myself and fill up the oxygen tank. So within my diary I schedule non-negotiable ‘me-time’ which includes two gym sessions per week. It also involves coffee and lunch with like-minded friends who are energy givers (not taker’s – 2017 is the year to ditch these types of people!) at least twice a week. I also use my daily gratitude diary.

While your ‘me time’ might not look the same as mine, do whatever makes you happy and up’s your vibe, set aside at least 30 min every day.

When you take the time to re-set, re-charge and re-launch — your mind, body and family will thank you for it! Commit to becoming a better version of you, one step at a time!

Make it happen – 5 min activity:

  • Draw your synergy model
  • List in each circle what’s in your sphere
  • Re-draw how it really looks/feels to you right now?
  • List three things you can right now to change it?
  • Do it!

Keep being awesome!

Stay fabulous

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