Taking Stock of Your Emotions

How easy is it for a 2 year old to send you into a meltdown?

“Emotion” refers to the mental and physiological states characterised as feelings. It’s often hard to put a name on what we’re experiencing because it’s likely that our brain is processing more than one reaction to our circumstances at any given time…

5 Reasons Why We Should Say “No” More Often!

Everyone of us has given into the persistent persuasion of a friend or an acquaintance before.

And it usually leaves a heavy, guilty feeling within us when we realise we have better things to do but have already accepted the invitations.

Sound familiar? Today, I’ll show you how to work around the question of whether to say yes or no…

Be intentional. Stop repetitive day-to-day tasks that don’t create progress. Start setting real achievable goals!


Why are you doing what you do? Do you lack intention, clarity or purpose?

A good friend of mine has chosen her word of the year as “intention”. When I really thought about the word and its meaning, “thinking and acting on purpose and deliberate”, it really is an awesome word we certainly don’t embrace enough. There isn’t many of us who proceed with life with the thought of intentionality.

The Resilient Mindset and How to Develop It

Through the years of working as a champion facilitator, I’ve found being resilient to be one of the chief qualities any good leader must possess. It’s the first thing I notice about someone when I get my chance to talk to them. I once thought that being resilient was something only a few humans possess. What I didn’t know was that it could be developed. Being resilient was more of a skill you can develop from countless encounters with problems that may not all be similarly challenging.

5 Tips for an Emotional Yet Healthy Self-Talk

Do you often feel misaligned with your higher values and work goals?
Do you lash out and respond fast without thinking what you just said?
Do you get irritated, frustrated and angry easily, often treating people in a harsh way?
Do you often fail to gain insight and information to what your body is telling you?

The Power of a Personal Off-Site – a conference with yourself, a solo creative excursion.

As a leader, you are quite often planning or attending off site meetings and conferences for the whole team. You hope to ensure a jam packed agenda to keep everyone thinking, strategizing and entertained. When they’re over, although everyone else feels pumped and ready to power on through the next quarter, leaders are often exhausted. When was the last time you actually planned a personal, solo off-site to regather your momentum? Where there is no agenda and you remain in a place of mindfulness, allowing creativity to flow and just breathe in your success.

Aspiring to a positive Mum / Life balance!

Was your life feeling off balance during of 2016?
Did you have trouble trying to focus and stay on track?
Do you feel like your exhausted at the end of every day, paddling away and not actually making any progress?
Are you frustrated and impatient with your partner and kiddies?

WELL! It’s a New Year and now is the best time to re-set (one of my favourite words!) Find out how…

Why Creating a Vision board can change your life!

A vision board is a powerful image to remind you of your ‘WHY’? the reason you work so hard, strive for greatness, push yourself, work those long hours, make sacrifices and don’t settle for average and ordinary. In essence to live YOUR life! It should be full of the rewards for your success and the GRATITUDE you display.

Emotional Fitness For Life – The secret to being authentic!

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