The Power of a Personal Off-Site - a conference with yourself, a solo creative excursion. | Sara Sheedy
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The Power of a Personal Off-Site – a conference with yourself, a solo creative excursion.

The Power of a Personal Off-Site – a conference with yourself, a solo creative excursion.

As a leader, you are quite often planning or attending off site meetings and conferences for the whole team. You hope to ensure a jam packed agenda to keep everyone thinking, strategizing and entertained. When they’re over, although everyone else feels pumped and ready to power on through the next quarter, leaders are often exhausted.  When was the last time you actually planned a personal, solo off-site to regather your momentum? Where there is no agenda and you remain in a place of mindfulness, allowing creativity to flow and just breathe in your success. You too need time to reflect on your inner world and your purpose.

Last year, my sister in law and I did just that, we booked a flight and 2 nights’ accommodation. Our goal was to just focus on two main things. Firstly, our inner world (mindfulness and me-time) and secondly forward planning for our biz. We didn’t know what these would look like but knew a change of location and the ocean air would allow our creativity to flow. It worked –  a change of place, a change of pace and a change of perspective. I was able to reset, reflect and refocus. I spent time alone walking, swimming and relaxing, while in deep thoughts as to the direction of my business, plans, goals, purpose and vision. The enlightenment and clarity that arrived on the pages of my notepad was to be my roadmap for the coming 12 months. My sister in law also became my ‘accountability buddy’.

My top tips fWoman on grass relaxingor planning a personal off-site;

  1. Choose a place which instantly makes you relax (e.g bush retreat, beach side) that is not too far away and stay for at least two nights.
  2. Take an inspirational book e.g. ‘What I know for sure’ by Oprah Winfrey or ‘The Values Factor’ by Dr D Martini.
  3. Take your notebook or laptop to pen your thoughts. Start creating and collecting your blogs, visuals, plans or perhaps plan to write a book.
  4. If you need to travel with family or friends, make sure you have blocks of alone time to just walk, wonder and explore. Explain to them why and the purpose of this.

When we arrived home to frazzled hubby’s and very messy houses, the whole lot of love from our kids made the greeting more than worth it. My sister in law and I were actually relaxed, refreshed and ready for the weeks ahead. With a renewed focus and commitment to achieving the goals we had set, we also had an accountability buddy in each other.

So, what are you waiting for? Find an accountability buddy, jump online and find a destination and book that off-site retreat for yourself.

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