Over the past year, I have been consciously working on my own emotional fitness. Not just physical fitness, but the headspace stuff. Last week, my husband and I had finally put the kids to bed, battled the ongoing toddler banter and bedtime negotiations, gave extra hugs, told another story, went on another toilet visit… the list goes on before we can sit down and flick through the endless movie options on Netflix. We settled on the Tony Robbins documentary entitled, ‘You are not my Guru’. Wow did that take us on an emotional journey! Never did we think for a second that what should have been our wind down when we’re not thinking hard, would be an emotional ride for both of us! One of the main things I took from this week which stuck with me was his mantra:


As each event over the past weeks has occurred, I have seriously been asking myself these questions.

What is life teaching me right now?

Where is the lesson?

Why is this happening? (from a growth and learning perspective)

And the answers can be bloody hard to find unless you truly look deep within and take away the victim defensive mentality which is often our very first instinct as a human.

Has this served me? Absolutely and unconditionally. I have been able to see past the surface and dive deep into my own self-awareness journey, channelling a bit of Tony, Brene and Dr. Demartini all at once.

Trust me, as the weeks and months progress, and something happens either good, bad, or otherwise, repeat this mantra. Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you. Notice your energy levels shift, your mind expand and your body and chest lift and open. Take a deep breath and see what answers come back to you. Write them down, say it out loud or go and chat with a colleague or friend about it and see how different your thoughts, actions, and reactions are from doing this.

Have a great month and always remember to lead with intention, play hard, and love abundantly.

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