The year has just started. I already feel excited and filled with positivity!

Each month is brimming with so many great possibilities for everyone.

And today, an even greater message will come your way…

“Courage is contagious, every time we choose courage, we make everyone around us a little better and the world, a little braver” – Brene Brown

This quote is my current screensaver on my laptop as “Brave” is my word for 2018. Alas, I find this very relevant and it is a great reminder to choose courage and say yes to that next big step.

How is your 2018 going so far? As the first 4 weeks have already past, I hear my inner thoughts ask me, “How is your courage and brave ethos working for you so far? How is it serving you and are you living it?”.

My first big moment this year is likely to be the day when my daughter starts Kindergarten this week. As much as I love spending my days with her, she is very ready to head off to big school. We have had many conversations about bravery, courage, and kindness and how these traits will serve her very well in big adventures.

Part of her big school journey has also been the need to create a family crest which remains on the walls of her school until the final sibling leaves. Then, it is removed and given to us on the last day. We have, since we’ve started creating this family crest (I will share a picture in my next blog, stay tuned), have been discussing our family values as well as our family prayer as she is attending a Catholic Independent School.

Our family values include self-growth, courage, contribution, and gratitude. It’s amazing how we can learn so much from our children and all their life adventures, that’s for sure! It’s important for your family values to extend into your business or professional life. You should never forget who you are and what you choose to represent.

If you haven’t established, discussed, or conversed about your family’s values then I encourage you to start. They can also be personal values. If you wish to discuss them with family, good times may be around the dinner table, in the car, or just as general chats when you are altogether. Find the courage to discuss, explore, and come up with your own family crest, values, and focus for 2018 this month. There is always time for family to check in with each other, start a conversation around these values and summarise the day.

If you complete your family crest, I would love to feature some in my next newsletter. Use the hashtag #sarasheedycrestchallenge and I’ll check them all out!

Also, don’t forget to check out Brené Brown’s parenting manifesto too, an absolute must-read for mums and dads.