Isn’t it amazing how much we always seem to want what someone else has, the car they drive, their purpose and passion for life, the ‘great’ job, the fit and healthy body … the list goes on and on. Seriously sometimes you have to sit back and realise the only true way you will win is to live your own life, run your own race and remember it’s only about you.


This realisation kicked in when I was teaching my Les Mills BodyPump class. During the backtrack the song is all about you vs you. I was hearing myself say to the participants (in some kind of outer body experience), we show up to the gym to be the best version of ourselves, it’s not comparing yourself to the other people in the gym, what weights they are lifting, how good they look, what they are wearing. It’s a personal journey of discipline, power, training, commitment, and dedication. All I ask is for you to be better than you were last time you walked into the room, try a little harder, be a little braver, add more weight on the bar and push yourself to take a new challenge.

As I see them glance in the mirror in a new light, I see the added determination, grit, strength and shine. The focus shifts from ‘I am not good enough or strong enough’ to ‘I’ve got this and I am worthy’ and that’s exactly why I teach at the gym. Not for the money, not for the free membership (although that’s great), not for kid-free time (that’s also a bonus), but for the members to see a new reflection of themselves. To grow, change, and love their body and realise life is only meant to be run in your own lane, moving forward with purpose and passion for your own life, your race.

Seriously, sometimes you need to turn off Facebook, Instagram, and all the other sites which can put you in a massive FOMO state or feeling down and depressed and in a poor state of mind. Lift your head then look in the mirror and say,


From next month, there’s some exciting new things on the horizon of my own race, so this will be my last bog and email blast for a little while. You can still reach out via Facebook, or through the website! Have a great easter and always remember to lead with intention, play hard and love abundantly!

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